During this project I was handed a 30 minute long video of an interview of James Clark. I was asked to cut the video down to 2-3 minutes and to pick 3 questions that I thought were important, So I chose the questions “What is the source of your inspiration?” “What Is story telling” “What is your wildest aspirations” I chose these questions because I  thought he had a great response and I wanted them to be heard.

Shortcuts I used


Collecting Files and StoryBoard

  • Start with B roll (10 seconds)
  • Question: Source of inspiration
  • Cut to Interview (10 seconds)
  • Cut to 7/11 commercial (10 Seconds)
  • Cut to interview (15 – 20Seconds)
  • Question: What is story telling?
  • Cut to rail road b roll (5 seconds)
  • Interview ( 5 Seconds)
  • Cut to b roll ( 15 seconds)
  • Interview (20 seconds)
  • B roll shot (15 seconds)
  • Question: Wildest aspiration
  • End with interview shot.

Project Skills Evidence

This is a picture of my workspace, as proof of my project.

What I learned

During the process of this project I learned how to smoothly cut out all of the “ums’ and “ahs”. I learned how to properly “morph” two videos together to make it look like one smooth video. I also had a chance to mess around with the audio levels and adjust them to the way i would like them to sound.

^^^ Interview video ^^^